Hungarian life in the early 1920s in Montreal was very vibrant and Hungarians were looking for a place to gather. Therefore in November 1926 the Hungarian Social Club was formed November by a number of active Hungarians.

In 1927 the Hungarian Community bought a garage on 3479 St. Lawrence Boulevard, Montreal. Today Boulevard St.Laurent, its french name, is Montreal city’s physical division of east and west. The garage became the home of Hungarians. The club was renovated as a common project between all Hungarians in Montreal. Due to the depression life was very difficult, but the Hungarians worked together to renovate the club. Hungarians got involved through either monetary contributions or work. The community was lucky because there were many tradesman with the skills to help renovate the club. 

The Hungaria Social Club was officially recorded by the Quebec government December 10, 1927. June 1945 the Hungaria Social Club was incorporated as a non profit organisation.

In 2002 the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada named Saint Lawrence Boulevard as a Main National Historic Site of Canada. Then Minister of Heritage, Sheila Copps, speaking at the ceremony, said: "our country does not belong to just two founding peoples. It belongs to all Canadians. [This is] a first step toward a new story of Canada that includes all of our partners as equals.